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Vasavi Satram Complex in Srisailam was listed and got placed in World Book of Records

 Jai Vasavi Mata Jai 

On 30 Dec 2021, 

Vasavi Satram Complex at Srisailam in Andhra Pradesh was secured a place in the World Book of Records list for rendering services to the pilgrims visiting Srisailam, Tirumala, Puttaparthi and Varanasi. 

This award/certificate (World Book of Records) was given to the Vasavi Satram Complex president Devaki Venkateswarulu by South Region Joint Secretary DR Eliajar.

From Deccan Vysya Patrika 1937 - Deccan Vysya Blog. I (Maddali Laxmi Swetha – the great granddaughter of Kavikishora Javvaji Subbaraya Gupta). Wishing a Hearty congratulations to Vasavi Satram complex management/Team for achieving name in world books of records.  

 Jai Vasavi Mata Jai


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Saturday, January 1, 2022

Wish you a happy New Year 2022

Jai Vasavi Mata Jai 

Wish you a very happy new year 2022 to all my readers and viewers of this blog. 

In this corona time, in most of the houses many persons are affected or diseased. Why did corona came to us? Why was the previous year is like that and now this year - How will it be?


There are many questions raised in our human mind. But you see these types of effects came is not first time in history. It happened in long and long years too, which are available in the form of newspapers and books that you find in library. Right!


I say to you - Why these years are going like this and we are travelling in days, weeks, months, years?


Any answers to these questions you have.


But I have answers to solve your inner feelings – What is this pandemic situation is all about?


It is written in Garuda Purana – When you are born your fate is written by God Brahma and do you know - there is another person who rules time and you – He is called God Yama. He writes your Palmistry).


There is no photo of lord Yama in home that people do puja. Right!


When you are going to be born or a baby is going to be born – lord Yama gives two gifts – in one hand food and in the other hand water, gives you duties to perform and return back.


In English language, it is called good time and bad time.


In every year, all days are good no…some remain bad days too. Likewise, good days ruled, now bad days to be ruled right!


This is called human life. Human life is like a chess game for lord Vishnu - The creator or the visioner that we read in books.


Hope! You understand this – How you lead your life it’s there in your hands?


See a Diamond is born in underground in inside sand and you have to find it, polish it and then diamond is ready! That is diamond life.


Now, you are also a diamond. Think about why you are born and fulfill your duties. You are born to do your duties. Wish you a very happy new year 2022!

Jai Vasavi Mata Jai


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Sunday, December 12, 2021

Condolences To Former Andhra Pradesh Cm Konijeti Rosaiah Family

Jai Vasavi Mata Jai


“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” ― Mahatma Gandhi


It’s sad news to hear that Former Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Konijeti Rosaiah is no more.


On 4th December 2021, I am at my sister’s house to attend the Kuchipudi dance performance of my niece. The performance was held at Shilparamam, Uppal, Hyderabad, India.


I heard the news early in the morning when I was taking a walk under the pleasant sunrise. At that time, I heard the news that Former Andhra Pradesh CM Konijeti Rosaiah has died.



In the year 2009, when I was a student, I was at a grocery store - The shopkeeper told everyone that Chief Minister Y. S. Rajashekhara Reddy has died in a helicopter accident.


He said to all in the shop – save your education certificates and don’t come out of the house. All the shops were closed immediately. Andhra Pradesh state is going to be divided soon.


But when Konijeti Rosaiah became Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, every student had a hope that they can continue their studies happily but a year later it was a mystery why he resigned from his Chief Minister post.


Hyderabad city was shining like a Disney land when Konijeti Rosaiah was the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. Every student in Hyderabad has happy faces.


Watch this Video:

Combined AP State Ex-CM, Tamilnadu Ex-Governor K. Rosaiah Interview | iDream Andhra - Sep 22, 2018


My deepest condolences to the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Konijeti Rosaiah family members. Remember! Great people, great personalities, and great minds are born rarely in this world. May his soul rest in peace!


Jai Vasavi Mata Jai


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Thursday, October 28, 2021

How I Celebrated My Birthday – October 24, 2021, Hyderabad, India

Good morning to all my readers and viewers of my blog – Deccan Vysya Blog - - Deccan Vysya Patrika (1937) 


On October 24, 2021. I celebrated my birthday traditionally like every year in my life.


Early in the morning, I woke up - done nice head bath, wear new clothes, went to the pooja room and took blessings from my parents.


My Parents took me to Sri Kanyaka Parameswari Temple, Kukatpally, Hyderabad, India.


Given name for Archana, after pooja given name for KARTHIKA MASAM 2021 (in other words it is called Deepavali festival pooja). See the below picture:

After pooja we went to Sri Raghavendra Hotel beside Sri Kanyaka Parameswari temple road and had tiffin. This hotel is very famous in Kukatpally, Hyderabad. See the Hotel Sri Raghavendra in below picture:

After having tiffin. We went to an old age welfare centre, Miyapur which is near to our home street. And give money for food.


As this centre is run by Brahma kumaris, a very old place. See the images below:

After I donated money, we went home and suddenly my own sister and her kids came and surprised me and also arranged a birthday celebration. See the image below:


In WhatsApp Video call – My own sister’s husband and my own brother and his wife were there until caking cutting time. See all videos and images below:

I have uploaded these videos on my channel – Maddali Laxmi Swetha YouTube Channel where you can see the full video in which I celebrated my entire birthday.

We took family pictures too together.  After my birthday celebration, we had lunch which was made by my mother (she makes an excellent recipe within less time and went to my cousin – his second son’s birthday at night in - Bel Posto the Cafe, Jubilee hills, Hyderabad, India. See all images and video below:

A Small Note:

I have lost 7 kgs weight in one month – Naturally - How????

Good Sleep, Yoga, Sudarshan kriya, Full stomach food, 4 litres of water, 6000 footsteps - walk a day.

It was a very happy day! At night, I went to sleep with a happy smile on my dreams. Thanks to God for everything in my life.


Jai Vasavi Mata Jai


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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Good News to All Deccan Vysya Blog Readers and Viewers

 Jai Vasavi Mata Jai

Good morning to all readers and viewers of this blog.

Today, I would like to share this good news that there is an app coming and going to introduce only for the Vysya caste / community. They were posting all updates in their Facebook page - Vysya Connect

In this page - on July 2021 – They have highlighted this Deccan Vysya Blog - Deccan Vysya Patrika (1937) with Kavikishora Javvaji Subbaraya Gupta Image which is taken from this blog. See the image below: 

The matter that was written – WE REMEMBER EVERY LEGEND – Let’s united VYSYA Connect – Javvaji Subbaraya Gupta – Founder of Deccan Vysya Patrika – Established in 1937 – Vysya’s one and only social network app.


I personally thank the person who is head of Vysya Connect App for highlighting my blog – Deccan Vysya Blog. Also, one has to remember that great legends are the people who saved India and should learn the lessons from them that they lived on those days of British India time.


And no advanced technology is there on those days like No mobile phone, No laptops, No TV channels, etc. You will find only Newspaper readers, where writers can communicate with the people.


That’s the reason why I (Maddali Laxmi Swetha - Great granddaughter of Sri Javvaji Subbaraya Gupta) started this blog of Kavikishora Javvaji Subbaraya Gupta and an attempt to restart the philosophy of this Deccan Vysya Patrika Newspaper to spread the knowledge of past golden days.


Jai Vasavi Mata Jai


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Maddali Swetha, MBA (HR)

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Tuesday, August 3, 2021

My Journey Trip from Hyderabad to Bangalore, India - 20th June 2021

 [10 hours by car – 650 Km, 3 States - Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka]

(4 persons – Car driver, my father, my mother and me)

Jai Vasavi Mata Jai

This is my second visit to Bangalore; my first visit was in the year 2010 with my family to my sister house at Bangalore. 

Every year, we have a hobby that we go out of the state to visit temples and historical places. 

Now, my second visit to see my brother and his wife (New married couples) both work in Bangalore in software companies they recently transferred from Hyderabad. 

How my journey has started? 

In this corona lock down, 

The best way to relax your mind is to join in any activity that keeps your mind busy, free from negative thoughts in this pandemic time. 

I joined Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Guruji classes in the year 2010 and continuing my classes regularly in Hyderabad - All classes attended in Zoom app (Year 2021) – Online classes. 

On 10th June 2021 is the Solar Eclipse Day, I was watching the live. 

Hanuman Chalisa Chanting for World Peace, Good Health & Well-Being of all - YouTube Channel 

After the speech, my parents said that we are going to visit Bangalore at your brother home. So, pack your luggage soon. We are going on 20 June 2010 sharp 6 AM by car, our car driver drives us to Bangalore. 

How did our journey start? 

Before driving the car, we kept flowers in the car front side and while moving my mother was saying Govinda Govinda Govindaa… as this is the basic rule while traveling for long distances for South Indians. 

The car which we have travelled. Car Name - Hyundai i10

Before travelling we checked – 

  • Troll gate ticket online, 
  • Vaccination test receipts, 
  • Aadhar cards, 
  • Pan Cards,
  • Health Insurance ID Cards,
  • GPS Tracking System, 
  • Google Maps, 
  • online mobile internet in all mobile phones.

We started at 6 Am in the morning, from Nizampet, Kukatpally, JNTU University Road, Madhapur, Gachibowli side. 

While travelling on the outer ring road. I have seen this headboard for the first time – “Need Emergency Ambulance Service Call 1066” - Apollo Hospitals on the road. This comes under Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) or it may be Social Responsibility of an organization. It’s very good and they are helping people a lot inform of ambulance. See the images below: 

On the way, I have seen Tollywood Actor Maganti Murali Mohan ventures and some other ventures, grated community multi storied buildings on the same way line. See the image below:

After a few hours, our driver stopped the car in petroleum centre to fill the petrol tank full. I would say this time, while travelling to so many places, lady's bathroom facilities are good from Hyderabad to Bangalore highway road.


Here, I would like to discuss one thing, how safe it is to keep a coffee canteen in petrol Bunks. Say your views in the comments below. 

You can see here – beside our car – the Hyderabad government travelling bus is there.

After we crossed this place. My dad shared GPS Tracking Google maps to my cell. In it I saw the Tamilnadu transport company in google maps. Here, we have no time to capture the location. See the image below I took screenshot to show you:

After some time, we reached Kurnool Kota – Krishna River (Telugu Language – Krishna River is called Krishnamma).

My mother poured all the puja flowers into the river. In the raining season, you will see whole Kota is sundered by water.

While traveling I have seen head boards of small villages.

So, I would like to show you an image. If you are studying in abroad, if anyone asks you about - How great India is? Show this to them.

ELECTRICITY PYLONS – Pylons are used to support electrical cables that transmit high-voltage electricity from where it’s generated, such as a power station or wind farm, through the energy system to our homes and businesses.

On the Kurnool highway – You will find this mountain – This mountain looks like a lion and from another side it will look like a sleeping face of a man.

In mid-day, we had our lunch in this area – we brought our home food and eaten inside car itself. Here you will so many cars were parked and have their food and start their journey to Bangalore.

After a few hours, we reached Anantapur District – There, I have seen Kia Motors India

(CM Chandrababu Naidu to launch first KIA car in the year 2019 - Watch this news on YouTube channel to know more about Kia motors).

Kia motors is a South Korean multinational automobile manufacturer that manufactures cars every year nearly 1,00,000 cars are produced and it is in the Bangalore highway road at Anantapur District. See the image:


Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu is the minister of Andhra Pradesh state (since 1995–2004 and 2014–19) before Telangana state was divided also, he was named as South Asian of the Year in 1999 - Time magazine, USA.

A Case Study of Sri Honorable Chief Minister N Chandra Babu Naidu is printed in a book - Economy Management in Navya Andhra Pradesh: New Modern Economy Management in Andhra Pradesh – April 2, 2019

Also, I have seen a Korean supermarket on Bangalore highway. You will see all Korean food supply there.

After you cross this place, we will enter the Karnataka state border toll gate. See the image:


My brother was watching us in online in which toll gate we crossed. He gets all updates from time to time and so we have kept the toll gate sticker on the car front side window.

Here the computer automatically records the location. So, we didn’t wait at the toll gate anyway from Hyderabad to Bangalore highway.

When we have just crossed Bangalore highway – in our cell phones – notification came – “Welcome to Bangalore”.

This is the image of Karnataka local city bus; you can also see the image of Hyderabad bus in above images.

Now, we have entered into Bangalore city on the way to my brother home – See the images below:

I have seen a very old building in Mahatma Gandhi Road also known as M.G. Road

On the way, we have seen this temple from out side in Bangalore. See the image below:

Bangalore hasn't changed after 10 years too. You will see some old places as there are. Wherever you travel, you have to go according to the head boards.

Most of the buildings in Bangalore are with red sand bricks. See the image:

On the way to home, I have seen these buildings. These are some of the images that I have captured in my mobile SAMSUNG M12 camera.

This building was built by British’s people in British ruling time. See the image:

This is an airplane, aircraft training centre place and this is an air jet statue in airlines training centres are there in this road. See the image:

Whichever place you visit in the Bangalore city you will find full of greenery. That’s why Bangalore is also called Green City. See the image:

After we crossed M G Road. I have seen this beautiful plant. You estimate in which year it was planted. I was surprised after seeing this place – name was mentioned here – Embassy Point.

LIC office main office building image in Bangalore (Karnataka State):

Some other places in Bangalore – Just to make an awareness I would like to show you – MICROSOFT Company and ORACLE Company buildings in Bangalore building these two companies are top in the world and India too.


ORACLE Company

Besides Salarpuria Sattva Cadenza Apartments you will find Bren palms apartments road. In this building, you will see a helicopter landing place on top of the building. Now it is a must in Bangalore for tall buildings to keep helicopter landing area. See the images and video: 

Bangalore City View | Salarpuria Sattva Cadenza Apartment

Finally, we have reached home: Bren palms apartment has reached my brother apartments.

Inside view of Bren palms apartment:

This picture was taken from the balcony. Here in Bangalore, wherever you see on roads you find these huge Caesalpinia flower trees.

After you cross this apartment Bren palms apartment road, you will find 27th main road, HSR Layout – this place name is called 27th main – All shopping areas just look like banjara hills in Hyderabad.


Here, you will find Pani Puri shop – Shubh Sweets savouries chat.  There you will find 5 types of Pani Puri, you must try this in that place. The names of 5 types of Pani Puri are Chilli, Sounf, Sweet, Jeera, Pudina. See the images below:

This is 27 main road – Trend shopping mall.

This is all about my journey trip towards to Bangalore from Hyderabad. Here, I have enjoyed my trip.

But after my Bangalore tour while returning to Hyderabad. I have gifted these silver puja items to my brother and his wife on the occasion of their marriage on July 31st, 2021. Also read all my observations which were mentioned below.

While traveling to Bangalore also in return to Hyderabad. We travelled in Aeroplane. And in my life - First time I travelled in Aeroplane. See this article:


Here Are My Observations:

1. While travelling, I have watched ETV Margadarsi (Telugu) show about Sudha Murthy - chairperson of the Infosys Foundation and wife of co-founder - Infosys, N. R. Narayana Murthy. 

After listening to her life story about her college where she studied. I have searched for her books on Amazon India and purchased some of her books on the Amazon India website. I will write my review on those books. Keep visiting this blog again.

2. Wherever, I have seen in Bangalore no rangoli in their homes, shops, etc. Why like that? In Hyderabad, you will find different types of rangoli’s every day. 

3. I have enjoyed these three songs while travelling –

Song Names:

Aanandam Madike Song and
Mandra mandra Song,
Nuvvante naku dhairyam Nenante neeku sarwam Song. 

4. I have played a billiards game in Bangalore. See the video below:

5. I have downloaded – 3 apps (Health & Fitness) from Google play store that helps me a lot. Of course you can also try it.

Those are:

  • Face Yoga Exercise app
  • One plus health app – Sleep cycle tracker. (This app is connected to one plus smart band watch)
  • Step Tracker & Pedometer app

See the images of these 3 app’s below:

Face Yoga Exercise app is the best app that tells you the best exercise for your facial exercises that tighten and strengthen the facial muscles. See the app image below: 

One plus health app – Sleep cycle tracker. (This app is connected to one plus smart band watch)

It gives complete statistics for steps, calories and Sleep tracker and full analysis, Heart rate check, oxygen levels and work out of exercise with time record. See the images below:

One plus health app - Watch

One plus health app - Features

One plus health app - Sleep Tracker

Step Tracker & Pedometer app: This app allows you to track footsteps, water intake and training with calorie counts. It keeps me motivated all the time. See the image of app below:

6. Best app to listen to telugu wherever in this world – TELUGU RADIO ONLINE (Music & Audio). Here, the special feature of this app is that you will find all engineering campus radio for free.

List of Campus Radios in this Apps:


Pallavi Radio

GIET Radio


VEMU Radio


KLHU Radio

KL University Radio

Vardhaman Radio

 JBIET Radio

ST.Marys Campus Radio

KLR College Radio

SRI INDU Campus Radio

AAR Mahaveer Radio


SDIP Radio


VAAGESWARI College Radio

VJIT Radio

ANRK Radio

MLRS Radio

TPCE Radio



VITS Radio

VAGE Radio


GIPS Radio


MGIT Radio










RECW Radio

NREC Radio

Poornima university Radio

Poornima College Radio

PIET Radio


SPEC Radio

SEC Radio

See the images below – All campus Logo’s Apps

7. Best way to keep you alert and be on time like wake-up time, lunch, sleep, snacks time, etc. – I have kept alarms on my mobile – 9AM, 12PM, 6PM, 9PM (ETV News), 10PM. This made me to finish my work and eat and sleep at the right time. 

8. I was enjoying my days by watching – Chithi 2 Serial in Tamil Language which is produced by Radaan Mediaworks (Founder - Radikaa Sarathkumar). This serial is mostly about learning life skills and educating yourself. I recommend the students to watch this. I have seen Chithi 1 serial in my school days in Tamil Language on SUN TV Network.

9. Remember, throwing money (coins) in a river indicates that you are inviting good luck.

10. My doubt: When you keep - TV volume high in speakers - after some time it will get heat/current smell. Right! Then why in shops - the current smell doesn't come.  Answer to this question in the comments – what system do they use?

11. Nanduri Srinivas - Spiritual Talks – YouTube Channel – Right now, I am listening to his speeches - He is saying all unbelieve things that were  happened in the past on olden days which kings and queens are there present - The royal life of Hinduism. I recommend that you to listen his speeches.

12. In my school days – My telugu teacher told me –------

“Swetha after few years everyone speaks only English and makes the habit of speaking in English that it is great and it will become a prestigious issue to speak only in English. But there will be a day when you will find foreigners learning our language. Telugu is still present and alive.” –---------

Now, it is happening in this year 2021 - Zbigsbujji from Poland teaching the importance of Telugu to people who speak Telugu language.

Also, there was another person who speaks all Hindu Vedas – His name is Swami Purnachaitanya (Original Name - Freek Alexander Luthra from Dutch).

13. There are 33 million goddess presents in Hinduism. Now it’s current ongoing trending topic of year 2021 - How many goddesses are there in Hinduism? Then if you can find all 33 million Gods & goddess names list them all in your blog. Get Nobel Prize – for this education doesn’t require only research needed.

14. Other trending question of the year 2021 in Google – How many castes present in India - The main castes were further divided into about 3,000 castes and 25,000 sub-castes. Do names list them all in your blog. Get Nobel Prize– for this education doesn’t require only research. 

15. After returning to Hyderabad – I have watched – “Never Have I Ever" English serial on Netflix. It’s super.

16. New business marketing trick of Amazon I have observed – You can just listen to an audio book - Just for 2 rupees is unbelievable. See the image below:

17. Cow ghee is not available in the market in many places and unknown companies are coming so beware and test the ghee before serving it in food.

18. Now students are not reading Newspapers - I mean, they are going to online newspapers and News Apps. But I want to advise them to read hard copy paper so that they can keep rest to their eyes from blue light rays from computer screens and digital devices.

19. Nowadays, It has become fashion that in home – Boy’s bathroom and girls’ bathroom are separate just like you see in malls, shopping areas, Hotels and hospital. When a two-bedroom home or flat is there - one bathroom is called hall room bathroom and second is master bedroom bathroom. It is not called as boys or girls. I have observed this in Bangalore.  

20. It has become fashion that everyone is using unnatural products in the market which is trending 2021.

But do remember that in the year 1900, there was only one product that is used in India, its name is called Sandalwood powder (Chandan Powder) also the treasure of IndiaSandalwood was the second most expensive wood in the world on those days.

 Do you know?  What are the products that are made by Sandalwood in India?


Sandalwood /Chandan Powder for Face Pack

Sandalwood /Chandan Powder for Puja

Asoka Talcum Powder - Sandal Wood

Sandalwood Pure Perfume

Mysore Sandal Bathing Soap

Sandalwood Agarbatti

Premium Room Freshener – Sandal

Sandalwood mala

Sandalwood Stick – Pure and Chandan Pata – To make sandal paste

Sandalwood Ashok Pillar – Stamp

Sandalwood Ball Pens

Sandalwood Garland

Khadi Pure Herbal Sandalwood Moisturizer

Sandalwood Pooja Mandir

Sandalwood carved statue of lord Ganesh

Sandalwood Dhoop sticks

Sandalwood Aroma Candle

Sandalwood Sunscreen Lotion

Sandalwood Oil for Aromatherapy



One sandalwood tree - cost 4 to 5 lakhs. Please save our treasure of India.


Use sandalwood-based products by using unnatural products your skin damages badly. Sandalwood products are very safe for your health, body, mind and also environment too.


And these are some of my observations during my journey trip towards Bangalore from Hyderabad.


Read my journey - return back to Hyderabad which I have travelled in an Aeroplane for the first time.


Jai Vasavi Mata Jai


Thank you for reading and visiting!

Maddali Swetha, MBA (HR)

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